Overview: Investment Methods

Through ECMC Foundation's two core focus areas, College Success and Career Readiness, our investments aim to shape a postsecondary education system that serves all learners and help them unlock their fullest potential. The Foundation uses a spectrum of investment structures, including Strategic Grantmaking and Education Innovation Ventures to invest in nonprofit and for-profit organizations.


ECMC Foundation awards grants that support organizational capacity building, new program or model development, existing program refinement or expansion, capital, research, and evaluation across two core focus areas: College Success and Career Readiness. Approximately $30 million in grants are awarded annually to organizations, programs and institutions, located across the United States. Learn more about the Foundation's Strategic Grantmaking here.


ECMC Foundation's program-related investments portfolio uses loans, deposits, equity and guarantees to make below market-rate investments to for-profit and nonprofit organizations and enterprises that seek to generate both social impact and financial returns. Financial returns are reinvested into additional program-related investments, allowing us to recycle investment dollars and generate further impact. Learn more about Education Innovation Ventures here.

ECMC Foundation

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