Effective December 1, 2017, ECMC Foundation no longer makes investments in the Teacher and Leader Development focus area. The Foundation is committed to honoring all existing grants made by or before that date, and will officially close the final grant in June 2020. This is an archived page of the focus area.

Teacher and Leader Development

ECMC Foundation invests in programs that facilitate teacher and leader development focused on deeper learning. Deeper learning* practices prepare students for college and career by integrating the mastery of academic content with the development of key competencies, such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and effective communication, in real-world contexts. In schools where deeper learning is the focus, students demonstrate higher levels of academic achievement, graduate better prepared for higher education and have the full range of skills desired by today's employers. While these practices are effective for students of all backgrounds, they have been shown particularly effective in bridging the achievement gap across students of varying socioeconomic backgrounds.

Teachers are often unprepared to implement deeper learning practices in their classrooms, in part because they have not personally experienced, been professionally trained in or do not work in an environment that is supportive of deeper learning practices.

To bridge this gap, our Teacher and Leader Development focus area partners with:

  • School networks that support and scale their deeper learning instructional models across the country.
  • Training programs that spread and support deeper learning practices for K-12 teachers, leaders and Teacher Preparation Program faculty.

* Learn more about the deeper learning competencies as defined by the Hewlett Foundation here.

Teacher and Leader Development Grantee Partners 2015-2017

  • Big Picture Learning
  • Big Picture Philadelphia
  • Buck Institute for Education
  • Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative
  • Settings
  • Da Vinci Schools
  • EdVisions Schools, Inc.
  • EL Education
  • Learning Alliance New Mexico
  • New Mexico Center for School Leadership
  • New Tech Network
  • TeachersConnect
  • University of New Mexico
  • University of Washington, Bothell