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We endeavor to make long-term investments—either alone or by leveraging the work of other philanthropic, governmental and business partners—that improve academic achievement among underserved students as they prepare themselves for higher education and careers.

We are willing to be entrepreneurial and take risk with a preponderance of our grantmaking dollars, understanding that failure is a natural part of generating discoveries; we will support innovation and a willingness to experiment with a bias toward ideas that can be scaled to benefit large numbers of students.

We will require evaluation and measurement in all that we do, and recognize our obligation to share the results of our work to help educate and improve the field, free of charge and available to all.

We support important research and reforms that help people prepare for college and careers.



    • Our aim is to increase the percentage of underserved students who are prepared for, admitted to and attending a higher education institution. ECMC will fund the development of techniques and tools that are adopted and used by professionals in the field to improve upon the college-going rate of low-income and first-generation students.

    • Career Education and Skill Development Opportunities—We aim to invest in opportunities in the career and technical education and training arena, focusing on those students who are not planning to attend traditional four-year or two-year colleges. We seek to help students who desire the training and skill development that leads to better job prospects by obtaining high-quality credentials—postsecondary certificates with economic and education value. While ECMC Foundation is primarily focusing on the schools that make up Zenith Education Group, we are also committed to funding projects that improve the sector overall.

    • Our aim is to support the development of techniques and tools that are adopted and used by professionals in the field to improve upon six-year college matriculation rates at four-year colleges and universities, and the three-year graduation/completion rates at community colleges and career/technical schools for underserved populations.

    • Our aim is to invest in projects and academic scholarship that are designed to improve teaching effectiveness and teacher education—particularly targeting teachers who work with underserved populations—with the goal of impacting academic performance among low-income and other underserved populations.


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