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Devin Fly: "What keeps me going are my students' success stories."

February 16, 2017

This month, we asked professionals in the education field to share what they love about their work. This spotlight features Devin Fly, Program Instructor at WyoTech's Laramie Campus.


I have been an instructor in the Automotive Department at WyoTech's Laramie campus since 2005. I train students to become automotive technicians through our MOPAR Career Automotive Program (MOPAR CAP); they learn how to build, diagnose and fix vehicles.

Before coming to WyoTech in 2005, I worked at a Toyota dealership as an automotive technician for 10 years. During my time there I noticed that the auto industry changes pretty quickly as new technology comes out each year. To keep up with the latest industry developments and ensure our students understand best practices, I regularly update WyoTech automotive curriculum.

An exciting highlight of the MOPAR CAP program is our WyoTech Laramine Car project. We purchased a vehicle that our students repaired and now we display it during campus events, autocrosses, and other community gatherings. It has generated a lot of publicity for the WyoTech community and our students were very excited about it.


What keeps me going are my students' success stories. Our graduates are taking full advantage of the programs we offer and go on to have successful careers in the automotive industry. As a WyoTech graduate myself who benefited from the program, it feels great to give back to my alma mater and to help create the next generation of technicians.

Here's one of the MOPAR CAP events:

The Zenith Education Group, a nonprofit service provider of career technical vocational schools including Everest and WyoTech, is a grantee partner of ECMC Foundation. In 2016, we provided funds to purchase MOPAR CAP product vehicles as both a way to train current students and generate excitement about the program.

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