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ECMC Foundation to Distribute $1 Million to 98 Nonprofits That Support Innovation and Racial Equity in Education

All organizations are nominated and chosen by ECMC Group employees

July 19, 2023


LOS ANGELES—For the ninth straight year, ECMC Foundation is distributing funding to nonprofit organizations working to improve education through innovation and racial equity. The national philanthropic organization has announced that 98 nonprofits will receive a portion of the total $1 million in grants, which will go to organizations nominated and chosen by employees of its parent organization, ECMC Group.

“As a national foundation committed to postsecondary students’ success, we recognize that institutions and nonprofit organizations play a central role in making a meaningful impact on communities and across the nation,” said Jacob Fraire, president of ECMC Foundation. “The GO! Program allows our employees throughout the country to become part of that mission and support the organizations they believe are the most deserving in the areas where they live and work.”

Since 2015, ECMC Foundation has funded the GO! Program (Generating Outcomes: Funding Innovation and Racial Equity in Education), which provides grants to nonprofits selected by employees. Each year, team members are invited to nominate local organizations to receive grants in support of their educational work that aligns with ECMC Group’s and ECMC Foundation’s mission to help students succeed.

Grant dollars fund education programs spanning from early childhood through postsecondary education.

“Not only does the GO! Program provide creative and innovative education programs and solutions, but it also helps our team members feel connected to our efforts to give back and to our mission,” said Dan Fisher, president and CEO of ECMC Group. “These organizations are addressing some of the major gaps exacerbated by the pandemic, from support for early learning to addressing workforce readiness and career preparation for our most under-resourced communities.”

Here are a few testimonials from ECMC Group employees that illustrate the importance of the program in their own words:

  • Brittany Scott, an operations specialist at ECMC Group’s headquarters in Minneapolis, nominated Boys & Girls Club of the Twin Cities because of a personal connection to their programs. The organization received a $20,000 grant.

“As a child, I went there to do after-school activities while my mom, who was a single mom of four, worked longer hours to provide for our household,” said Scott. “I wanted to give back to the same place that helped shape me years ago. I felt that with the donation, they can reach more families and keep more children out of harm and danger.”

  • Josephine Estepa, a records coordinator at ECMC Group’s Sacramento office, nominated Loaves & Fishes because of the mission behind its work. The organization received a $20,000 grant.

“I nominated Loaves & Fishes because of their purpose to provide survival services to those in need,” said Estepa. “I believe that education is an essential part of our path to success, but because of homelessness, some children may not be given this opportunity. The organization’s commitment to providing children a safe, structured and nurturing environment is a great way to help children get the education they need and deserve.”

  • Saúl Valdez, a program officer for ECMC Foundation in Los Angeles, nominated First Gen Empower because he understands the experience of being a first-generation college student. The organization received a $20,000 grant.

“As a first-gen college graduate myself, I know how transformational it is when students are empowered and supported in high school and college to become leaders on campus and champions for change,” said Valdez. “First Gen Empower is working to be a part of the solution by providing critical trainings and supports to students and educators alike in high schools and college campuses.”

Including this year’s GO! Program recipients, ECMC Foundation has awarded 734 GO! Program grants for a total of more than $10 million since 2015.

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