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Great Opportunity for Single Mothers to Explore Career Pathways

June 26, 2019

Career exploration organization Roadtrip Nation is seeking three single mothers who are either current, prospective, or recently graduated community college students to participate in a free, multi-week road trip and career exploration experience. Made possible by ECMC Foundation, the selected participants will travel the country in Roadtrip Nation’s iconic green RV and explore how they can leverage their education to pursue their career goals.

Even though nearly 10% of all undergraduate students are single mothers, students balancing education, work and caregiving responsibilities often feel as if they are traveling their higher education journey alone. Filmed for the Roadtrip Nation public television series, this experience will introduce the selected participants – and TV audiences – to leaders who started or continued their own journeys as single parents, using storytelling to show what all sorts of hard-working people are doing to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Please apply or share this information with the single mother students in your network who might be interested in this experience.

Applicants must apply at the following link by July 21, 2019:

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