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Latest Development at Altierus Career Colleges Enhance Student Experience

August 28, 2018

By Julie Bos, ECMC Foundation Contributing Writer

Exciting changes are underway across Altierus Career College’s (Altierus) Tampa, Norcross and Bissonnet campuses. In this piece we’ve highlighted some of the initiatives funded by ECMC Foundation that are helping to transform the student experience.

Technology Enhances Learning


Funding from the Foundation is supporting professional training for cutting-edge technology, including Nearpod which launched in July. Nearpod is an online program that embeds interactive features such as polls and quizzes to help faculty better engage students. The Foundation is also supporting the conversion of nursing courses to blended learning and the implementation of interactive mobile presentations for HVAC and dental assisting programs, among other initiatives.

Where + When
All three Altierus campuses. The initiative will be completed by the end of 2019.

The enhanced classroom technology will create a space that fosters creativity, increases interaction and inspires collaboration. With the use of proven technologies and incorporation of methods that improve learning, students are more motivated to participate in discussions and are more likely to perform well in their course. Students’ engagement with these tools will boost their computer and interpersonal skills, which in turn will give them a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

Voices From Altierus

Stuart Vanorny

Stuart Vanorny
Vice President, Academic Technology & Instructional Design
Zenith Education Group

Q: What is most exciting about the work being done to use technology to enhance the student experience?

A: These technology enhancements will positively impact the experience we offer students at Altierus. We’re especially excited about the addition of interactive lectures via Nearpod because it will transform the student experience from passive to engaging. No longer will students have to endure only traditional stand-and-deliver lectures. With interactive lectures, our students will be able to collaborate with their instructor and fellow students in custom-created micro-learning activities, engage in interactive knowledge checks, learn through curated videos, and even manipulate 3D models of human anatomy. The classroom experience will never be the same.

Renovation Promotes Collaboration


The Altierus campuses are undergoing a redesign and renovation to foster a professional and collaborative environment. The campuses will conduct an audit to determine the best opportunities for improvement, work with an interior designer to develop creative concepts and consult with experts to come up with the final design.

Where + When
All Altierus campuses are undergoing renovations, with plans to be completed in early 2019.

With a cohesive design throughout the campus, the faculty and staff hope to foster a welcoming and inspiring environment for students, partners, and employers.

Voices From Altierus

Moses Delaney
Campus Director
Altierus Career College, Norcross

Q: What excites you most about the new collaborative campus design at the Altierus campuses?

A: We will have a new and vibrant facility to mirror the Altierus brand promise. Without a doubt, the new redesign will position us as the premier career college here in the great state of Georgia. Having new construction taking place on campus has truly added a burst of energy and excitement. This level of investment will surely make our campus more attractive than ever before and drive engagement among faculty, students and staff, as well as the community.

About Altierus Career Colleges and Zenith Education Group
Run and operated by Zenith Education Group, an affiliate of ECMC Group, Altierus offers affordable, high-quality programs that are regularly updated to provide students with training for in-demand skills so students are prepared, well-trained and ready to work in fulfilling careers immediately upon graduation. Learn more about the exciting changes happening there by following Zenith’s News and Updates.

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