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Moving Capital to Women Entrepreneurs

CHLOES x LA - Future of Work & Education

October 30, 2019

By Chloe Capital

In partnership with ECMC Foundation, Chloe Capital has continued our national tour to #InvestInWomen! Our latest funding opportunity for women-led innovation companies took place in Los Angeles, CA on October 30, 2019. This 24-hr fundraising experience for female founders featured talks with women leaders, and startups pitching for funding opportunities. Participants also gained visibility and connections to other active investors.

The LA community welcomed a bevy of stellar women leaders including productivity expert Mackenzie Sweeney; Kalika Yap, inventor of Luxe Link; Elisa Camahort-Page, founder of BlogHer; and women empowerment speaker / author Kimberly Fulcher. Guests also experienced a powerful keynote from Suzanne Cryer, an actress on HBO’s hit series, Silicon Valley. In this role, Suzanne plays a woman venture capitalist navigating the Valley’s tech scene.

In addition, five women-led companies impressed our panel of investors with stellar pitches. The following female founders were selected from 1500+ applicants after thorough due diligence, and based on merit. Congratulations to: Stella Ashaolu (WeSolv); Bec Chapin (NODE Eco); Katy Kappler (InScribe); Dr. Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami (Cell-Ed); and Yulkendy Valdez (ForeFront)

Chloe Capital and ECMC Foundation are proud to announce our most recent investments.

Assembling a $300B (Sustainable) Homecoming 

Bec Chapin | Chloe CapitalBec Chapin is the Cofounder and CEO of NODE Eco, based in Seattle, WA. NODE builds homes fast – at a guaranteed price – while activating a new workforce! Ikea-like patent assembly, combined with training and quality control software, will help create thousands of jobs for unemployed workers. As impact investors, this is what Chloe Capital calls, Doing Well by Doing Good. We welcome Bec and the NODE team to our portfolio.


Leveraging the Power of AI to Help Students Succeed

Katy Kappler | Chloe CapitalBased in Denver, CO, InScribe Cofounders Katy Kappler and Ana Hernandez received an investment opportunity from our partners, ECMC Foundation. InScribe is a community-driven, AI platform that connects students to people, answers and other resources. Katy and Ana are driving education innovation by helping postsecondary students exceed in school and beyond, aligning perfectly with ECMCF’s mission.



Featured Speakers

  • Elisa Camahort Page, Founder, BlogHer
  • Suzanne Cryer, Actress, HBO's "Silicon Valley"
  • Kimberly Fulcher, Growth Strategist, Get Your Groove Back
  • Mackenzie Sweeney, Productivity Expert, MackMotion
  • Kalika Yap, CEO, Citrus Studios

Investor Panel

  • Amon Anderson, Director, Acumen America
  • Shauntel Garvey, Co-founder, Reach Capital
  • Isabelle Hau, Omidyar Network
  • Diana Ingram, Board of Director, ECMC Foundation
  • Jordan Wahbeh, Partner, Bay Angels

Female Founders

  • Stella Ashaolu, Founder/CEO, WeSolv
  • Bec Chapin, Co-Founder/CEO, Node Eco
  • Katherine Kappler, Co-Founder/CEO, Inscribe
  • Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, Founder/CEO, Cell-Ed
  • Yulkendy Valdez, Co-founder/CEO Forefront

Event Partners

  • Employment Technology Fund
  • ETF@JFFLabs
  • Learn Launch Accelerator
  • The Michelson 20MM Foundation

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