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“One Step Closer” Viewing Guide

June 14, 2019

By Roadtrip Nation

Fueled by the ECMC Foundation, Roadtrip Nation’s documentary, “One Step Closer,” offers a glimpse into how community college is helping people across America identify their passions and realize their full potential.

For Melanie, Armand, and Becca, community college has given them a way to keep moving forward, even when obstacles like indecision and illness crossed their paths. But lately, they’re unsure about the best way forward. In order to choose a new direction, they need to see all the places their next steps can take them.

Come along as they cross the country to talk to people whose stories have been shaped by community college, ultimately finding the confidence to press onward and upward—all with the support of a newfound community.

The activities that follow are designed to be completed by participants along with their mentors, instructors, and/or family members in order to spark meaningful conversations about their future aspirations and how to achieve them.


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This viewing guide is designed to be used during and/or after watching the “One Step Closer” documentary.

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