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Putting Our Values Into Action

January 08, 2021

To create a society where marginalized groups and communities can truly thrive, leaders must prioritize their well-being. This includes condemning the outrageous acts of violence we saw this week incited by our own elected leaders (and not just Donald Trump!): a mob of extremists that stormed the U.S. Capitol to disrupt the rightful certification of the results of a democratic election.

We must hold all those who supported or enabled this insurrection, actively or tacitly, accountable. These events signify a public fight for our future. As a higher education funder committed to serving underrepresented groups, we have an obligation to prioritize investments that can lead to change at a systemic level. As someone with over 20 years working in business, I also know that our economy cannot thrive without a stable democracy.  Set aside esoteric arguments about taxation or regulation; a functioning system of government is far more important.

We cannot ignore nor forget what happened on January 6.  In this moment and beyond, we must put our values into action. 

Today we add our voice to the chorus of foundations and grantmakers condemning these acts and calling on our leaders to protect our democracy. Our approach and areas of focus may vary, but one thing is clear: A shared belief in the importance of finding common ground to solve problems and serve people and communities.


Peter J. Taylor

President, ECMC Foundation

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