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RFP: Learning Partner for Single Mother Student Success Strategy

September 02, 2021

ECMC Foundation is accepting proposals from institutions, organizations, and consultants interested in serving as a learning partner in our Single Mother Student Success Strategy. This competitive process will lead to the identification of one learning partner to receive funding. The selected learning partner will design a plan to measure the growth and efficacy of the funded projects and build community among ECMC Foundation grantees.

In January of 2021, ECMC Foundation committed $10 million over the next five years towards one key goal: increase the six-year associate degree attainment rates to 25% for single mother students. These investments will rely on the learnings of the portfolio to date and align to the Career Readiness strategy, which is committed to improving outcomes for students from underserved backgrounds seeking academic credentials awarded for the successful completion of postsecondary career and technical education programs.

Proposed concepts should include a plan to design an evaluation that captures the implementation and outcomes of the Single Mother Student Success Strategy and foster community among former and current grantees. The learning partner will lead a 9-month planning phase from November 2021 - August 2022.

Please email proposals as a MS Word or PDF attachment to Rosario (Rosie) Torres at The deadline to apply is 5:00 PM (PT) on September 30, 2021. Final notifications will be issued no later than October 15, 2021.

Read the full RFP, including eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and application instructions to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the applicant need to have expertise in single mothers in higher education?
Yes. We are looking for a learning partner that has demonstrated content knowledge supporting the needs of parenting students, specifically single mothers enrolled in postsecondary education.

Are current and former grantees and sub-grantees eligible to apply for this opportunity?
We will accept proposals from current and former ECMC Foundation grantees that are not already part of the Single Mother Student Success portfolio.

Are independent consultants eligible to apply?
Yes, consultants are eligible to submit a proposal. Any institution, organization, or consultant with a demonstrated knowledge and commitment to equitable postsecondary outcomes and experience in cross-functional facilitation and measurement and evaluation is eligible to submit a proposal.

Are there budget parameters for the planning phase?
We have budgeted $75,000 for the planning phase of this project; but this amount is negotiable.

What is the budget range for the full implementation phase?
We are estimating approximately $350,000 for the implementation phase, but we understand that amount might change once we see the proposed implementation plan.

Will ECMC Foundation allow the inclusion of indirect costs in proposal budgets?
Respondents to the RFP are welcome to identify any costs they deem relevant to doing the work, including indirect costs. The categories listed are simply a list of what must be listed as part of a detailed budget.

Will the selected learning partner be contracted to implement the evaluation and facilitation plan?
There will be an opportunity for the learning partner completing the planning phase to continue partnering with ECMC Foundation through the implementation phase. Partnership through the implementation phase will be dependent on the satisfactory completion of the deliverables in the planning phase.

Will ECMC Foundation launch another RFP to identify a learning partner for the implementation phase?
While it is our hope that the learning partner selected for the planning phase will stay with us for the implementation phase, it is possible that, based on a variety of reasons, we will launch another RFP to identify a different partner to implement the plan.

What type of work sample should be included in the application?
Please include two or three work samples that reflect your organization’s relevant experience and approach. We are looking for previous work samples from projects that are similar in scope, which might include reports, documents that lay out evaluation design, or facilitation plans. You may send the documents as attachments in your email submission or compiled as part of your proposal.

What  information should be included in the references section?
For references, we are looking for the names and contact information of two to three people who can provide insights into your relevant previous (evaluation and/or facilitation) work. We are not accepting letters of support from previous partners.

Should the application include resumes for the proposed team?
Please include one page in the application which provides short biographies for the team members working on the project, describes each team member’s role, and estimates how much time they will dedicate to this effort. Resumes are not requested.

Do you have a typical approach you use for grantee honorarium?
We defer to our learning partner when it comes to honorarium. If applicable, please feel free to include honorarium amounts as part of the ($75,000) budget for the planning phase.

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