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CTE Leadership Collaborative Mini-Grant Program

The CTE Leadership Collaborative Mini-Grant Program is an opportunity for ECMC Foundation Fellows to apply for funding to initiate projects related to postsecondary career and technical education.

2024 Mini-Grant Program applications are open now. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. PT on Friday, May 31. To apply, click here

The selection committee will award grants of up to $5,000 each. Proposals articulating a cooperative effort across CTE Leadership Collaborative fellowship programs and/or cohorts are prioritized for funding.

ECMC Foundation designed the Mini-Grant Program to provide a platform for ECMC Foundation Fellows to apply fellowship learnings, launch innovative projects and grow their networks, all while driving equitable change in postsecondary CTE and inspiring collaboration among Fellows from the six fellowship programs.

See below for summaries of past Mini-Grant Program projects:

Selection Criteria

ECMC Foundation will review each proposed project and make funding decisions based on the following criteria: 

  • Presents a clear and innovative (defined as a new approach that departs from typical practice) solution or action in response to a postsecondary CTE challenge
  • Addresses a specific, key issue within postsecondary CTE
  • Engages multiple segments within postsecondary CTE
  • Focuses on improving equity in the field Includes plans to evaluate and measure results 


Requests must be:

  • Led by current or alumni ECMC Foundation Fellows; first-time applicants will be prioritized
  • Focused on postsecondary career and technical education; dual enrollment, K-12 or exclusive workforce projects are not eligible
  • Limited to projects that can be completed in two years or less
  • Submitted through ECMC Foundation’s online form

Please note: if you received Mini-Grant Program funding in 2022 and you haven’t yet submitted a report, you are not eligible to apply during this round of funding.


Grants of up to $5,000 will be provided for each collaborative project and can be used for expenses such as travel, technology, staff time, and data acquisition.

2024 Mini-Grant Program applications are open now. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. PT on Friday, May 31. ECMC Foundation will announce all funding decisions—whether approved or declined—by July 12. Click here to learn more about the program, including selection criteria, eligibility requirements and funding amounts.

All Mini-Grant Program grant recipients will be required to submit a formal report at the conclusion of their funded project.

Please direct questions to Anna Fontus (


Can I receive funding through the Mini-Grant Program if I received funding last year?
Yes, if your project is complete and you submitted all required reports.

Do I need to partner with another Fellow?
No, you are not required to collaborate with another Fellow, but we will prioritize funding for those projects which engage Fellows across cohort and/or fellowship.

What are the reporting requirements for Mini-Grant Program grantees?
All Mini-Grant Program grant recipients will be required to submit a formal, two-page report listing the programmatic outcomes and outlining the budget expenditures at the conclusion of their grant-funded project.

What if I need to make a substantive change to the funded project after I have started?
We understand mid-course changes may occur, however any major changes should be discussed with Anna Fontus, your main contact at ECMC Foundation. 

How long can my project last?
Proposed projects should be completed within two years or less.

Can I apply for funding to support a program which is already underway?
No, all grants made as part of the Mini-Grant Program should be for new, timebound projects.

How will you disburse the funding?
Funding will be granted to the organizations running the CTE LC fellowship programs and then regranted to the Fellows who are selected as Mini-Grant Program recipients.