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The CTE Leadership Collaborative Convening

The 2023 CTE Leadership Collaborative (LC) Convening was held at the Hilton Denver City Center September 18–20, 2023 in Denver, CO. The Convening is an annual opportunity for the CTE LC community to come together with the shared goal of advancing the field of postsecondary CTE. In 2023, the Convening had its highest attendance to date, with representation across all six fellowship programs. Read more about the Convening here

Details about the event are linked below, followed by session resources. 

2023 CTE Leadership Collaborative Convening Session Resources 

Plenary Session

  • Open Futures: Education, Workforce, and the Power of Community, Open Systems and Career Connected Learning (Deck)
    Facilitators: Joe Garcia, Colorado Community College System, Landon Mascareñaz, Chair, Colorado Community College Board

Concurrent Sessions

  • Data-Informed Change in Community Colleges: Leading  through Clarity, Capacity-Building, Collaboration, and Communication (Deck)
    Facilitator: Dr. Carrie Klein, Associate Vice President, State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO)
  • Fortifying our Pipeline: Community-Driven Apprenticeships (Deck
    Facilitator: M. Tamara Brummer, Founder & CEO, The Luminary Lab
  • Leveraging Professional Development Learning in Advancing Equity Focused Change (Deck)
    Facilitator: Dr. Rebecca Vasquez Ortiz, Santa Ana College, California
  • Activating Research to Advance Change in Post Secondary CTE (Deck
    Dr. Scott Solberg, Center for Future Readiness, Boston University
  • Informing Postsecondary CTE with Real-Time Employer Insight (Deck)
    Niki DaSilva, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Strategies to Address CTE Faculty Shortage (Deck)
    Facilitators: James Bartlett, Old Dominion University; Michael Connet, ACTE; Michelle Bartlett, Old Dominion University
  • Enhancing Postsecondary CTE for Students With Intellectual Disabilities (Deck)
    Facilitator: Drew Andrews, Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities (FCSUA), Think College Network - CTE Collaborative Workgroup Lead, University of Central Florida and Christian Zimmerman, Technical Assistance Coordinator, Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities
  • Meeting the Moment: AI Automation and the Opportunities within Career and Technical Education (Deck)
    Facilitator: Tiffany Hsieh, Director of innovation programs at JFFLabs at Jobs for the Future
  • Win-Win: How Employers and Community Colleges are Building the Diverse Future Workforce (Deck)
    Facilitator: Crystal Davidson, Vice President, iBuild
  • FAFSA Changes & Opportunities (Deck)
    Facilitator: Zenia Henderson, Chief Program Officer, National College Attainment Network (NCAN)


  • Charting the Course: Your Life, Your Career, Your Way (Deck)
    Facilitator: Jolea Payne, Founder & CEO Inspire Consulting
  • Funding Postsecondary CTE Innovation (Deck)
    Facilitator: Kierra Goosby, Founder & CEO, GoldenRod Consultants
  • Working With State Legislatures to Advance Postsecondary CTE Policy and Drive Local Change (Deck)
    Facilitators: Sunny Deye, Associate Director, Education– National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and Andrew Smalley, Policy Specialist, Education– National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
  • Overcoming Uncomfortable Truths: How to Have Difficult Conversations and Maintain Professional Momentum (Deck)
    Facilitator: Gianina Baker, Assistant Director, Office of Community College Research and Leadership, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Action Learning Sessions (Deck)  


  • Sherazade Langlade-Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Workforce Professionals Training Institute
  • Najmah Ahmad, Founder & CEO of The Chisholm Group
  • Sabeen Pirani, Chief Learning Officer, Workforce Professionals Training Institute
  • Cynthia Oliver, Head of US Market, MagnoliaTree
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